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LVD-065 Smart Lock

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Protocol: Bluetooth
Product Color: Black
System App: iSmart Home app
Function Description
1.Swedish FPC sensor, 0.5 second speed recognition;
2.Intelligent alarm function and password protection function, when the wrong password is entered for 5 times continuously, the system will lock for 180 seconds, and sound and light alarm;
3.Multiple unlock mode: Fingerprint, Password ,IC card, Keys, Bluetooth;
4.Scramble code function: the valid password is 6 to 8 digits, which supports front and back dummy password to prevent from peeking;
5.Fingerprint function: Intelligent touch screen technology without fingerprints, Swedish FPC semiconductor military-grade collector, living fingerprint recognition;
6.Temporary password function: the mobile APP generates a remote password for the guest to unlock the door;
7.Passage Mode: when you need to open/close the doors frequently, you can turn this mode on;
8.Access records query: You can check access records at anytime by App;
9.Low battery consumption,4 AA batteries are durable for over 1 year;
10.Low battery alarm, when the voltage is lower than 4.8V, the alarm is activated each time with the unlock;
11.App Apartment management system: You can manage all locks of the whole apartment
Package Size: 213*184*93 mm
Product Size: 68*63*63 mm
Net Weight 1200 g
Power Supply Type: 4 AA Batteries
Unlock Type: Mechanical Key,Door Card,Password/Code,Fingerprint,A