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i1108 Apple Original USB-C Power Adaptor (used)

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Introducing the i1108 Apple Original USB-C Power Adaptor, the perfect companion for your iPhone charging needs! This used adaptor is in excellent condition and is guaranteed to provide 100% original Apple charging speeds. With a charging time of just 2 hours, it's faster than any other adaptor on the market.

Don't settle for a subpar charging experience that could potentially harm your phone. This adaptor is faster and more reliable than any other third-party charger out there. Plus, it's built to last with a durable design that can withstand wear and tear.

You can trust this adaptor to keep your phone safe from overcharging and overheating, thanks to its advanced safety features. And with a 1-year warranty, you can rest assured that you're making a smart investment in your phone's charging future.

Upgrade your charging game with the i1108 Apple Original USB-C Power Adaptor. Your phone will thank you for it!

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