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Gas Detector

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Dimension 124x72x35mm . Weight 340gr
GD Series gas leak alarm is a kind of wall-hung household gas alarm designed to detect the concentration of combustible and toxic gases or vapors. It provide a visual and audible signals when the gas concentration reaches pressing level, remind you take prompt favorable action, you may start up other link equipment, ventilate gas or shut off gas supply to avoid Fire, explosion, suffocation, and other evil accident. The alarms are available for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), natural gas (Methane), propane, Hydrogen, town gas, smoke, etc. They are not only installed at home, but also used at any other potentially hazardous areas.
MCU control, Reliable without false alarming
Locale sound and light alarming, Drive Long-distance Alarming System Ventilate good air circulation or shut off gas supply link equipment
Technical Conditions
Operating Voltage: AC220±10%/AC110V±10% or DC12V
Power consumption: =3W
Operation Time: -10? ~50 ? Hum: <95%RH

Model Detecting Gas Response Time Alarming Preset Level (Optional)
GD-201 LPG =20S 10%LEL ±30%
GD-221 Combustible gas =20S 10%LEL ±10%
GD-401 Natural Gas =20S 5000ppmCH4 ±30%
GD-501 Coal Gas =20S 1000ppm Coal Gas ±30%
GD-601 Combustible Gas =20S 2000ppm LPG ±30%
GD-701 CO =2.5min 150ppm CO ±30%
GD-801 Hydrogen =20S 1000ppm H2 ±30%
GD-901 CO + Combustible Gas =2.5min 150ppm CO/1000ppm LGP ±30%
Automatic Resume Can be specified

Operating Manual
1. Fix gas alarm on the wall or Roof near the gas cooker or other sources within 2-4m interval. According to gas sources Character, Choose alarm location as follows:
LPG: Fix it within 0.3 meters above the ground (LPG is heavier than Air)
Coal Gas, Natural Gas: Fix it within 0.3 meters below the Roof(Combustible gas is lighter than Air)
Avoid such installation: Windows with strong wind, Exit, water fog and drop place; easy polluted or high temperature environment near Oven, covering around.
2. Connect the Power supply, (if need ventilate fax, electrovalve other link equipment, please connect corresponding circuit firstly.) Preheat the alarm 1 min, the power on green LED, WARN-UP yellow LED both light, the alarm without detecting function. 1 MIN later, The warm-up LED black out, the alarm enter in to detecting status.
3. If the flammable gas in the air reaches the present alarming concentration, the alarm enter into alarming status, the Alarm red LED light or flash, the buzzer give sound alarming, drive the relay or valve shut off gas supply, If the alarm connect the ventilation fan or other relative electronics, it also open automatically; At the same time, please cut off gas supply promptly, open the window, ask professional worker to remove the fault, The alarm with gas cut off valve type shall output one close pulse signal.
If the yellow(Fault) LED light, it means the gas alarm has fault itself, please contact distributor to find solution.
Operating Button:
W-UP: Stop 1 MIN preheating when press it, the Warm-up Yellow LED black out, the alarm enter into detecting status.
RELAY: Relay control button, during the detector status, press this button, you can control relay work by hand.