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iSmart Home Ai+IoT LOCK Zigbee - The Ultimate Versatile Smart Lock for Your Home Security Needs.

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Introducing the ISH002-LZ iSmart Home Ai+IoT LOCK Zigbee - the versatile and innovative smart lock that takes home security to the next level! This sleek and stylish lock comes in a striking black color and features a 24x240mm lock body, making it compatible with most doors. What sets this smart lock apart from the competition is its seven different ways of unlocking, ensuring that every member of the family can access the home with ease. You can use your phone, fingerprint, offline passcode, IC card, NFC, or mechanical key, making it truly versatile and convenient for all. The iSmart Home app allows you to manage the lock remotely with ease, so you can unlock it for guests or manage access anytime, anywhere. The fingerprint unlocking feature allows for quick and easy access, while the offline passcode feature allows you to grant access even without a Wi-Fi connection. The ISH002-LZ iSmart Home Ai+IoT LOCK Zigbee integrates seamlessly with your smart home ecosystem, giving you the ability to control your lock with voice commands or through the iSmart Home app. You can even schedule access for your trusted visitors, ensuring your home stays secure at all times. Upgrade your home's security today with the ISH002-LZ iSmart Home Ai+IoT LOCK Zigbee - the ultimate innovative and versatile smart lock that sets the standard in home security technology. Order yours now and experience the convenience and security that this smart lock has to