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Air quality detector

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100% Brand New and High Quality! This product needs to be used with ZigBee 3.0 gateway! The smart airbox is the home of an intelligent device for remote monitoring of the air environment, It can also detect formaldehyde, VOC of poisonous gas, CO2, temperature, humidity and so on 5 kinds of environmental parameters, In environmental parameters exceed bid automatically when the graffiti smart home air conditioning, new fan, humidifier, air purifier on household environment optimization. The detection range of the smart air box: formaldehyde, VOC gas, CO2, temperature, humidity Examination range: Formaldehyde: 0-10.0 (mg/m3) VOC: 0-99.9 (ppm) Carbon dioxide: 0-1000 (ppm) Temperature: 0-60 (℃) Humidity: 0-95 (%) After being paired to the APP, it can be linked with various smart home products. For example, when detecting excessive formaldehyde/VOC, the smart air purifier is automatically turned on; when the carbon dioxide is exceeded, the smart fresh air fan is automatically turned on; when the temperature is abnormal, the air conditioner temperature is automatically adjusted; When the humidity is too low or too high, the smart humidifier will be turned on/off automatically; when a certain parameter is detected to exceed the standard, a message will be sent to the alarm (the above smart linkage function needs to be matched with the smart home product)

Working temperature: -20--85℃ Working voltage (rated): 4.8-12V Working current: 10-496ma Size: 90*90*35mm Power supply mode: USB 5V/1A Communication protocol: ZigBee3.0 colour: White Shell material: PVC

Package Included:
smart air box X1 Instruction for use X1 Card pin X1 USB power supply cord X1