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WP-U61 Sunda Series Charger 2.4A

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Product Description

WP-U61 Sunda Series 2.4A Dual Intelligent Output Charger + Micro USB Data Cable (White) WK WPU61 charger with Lightning or Type C cable with fast, safe charging feature makes it easy to fully charge any device. The charger with the WK WPU61 cable has a very simple design with a convenient round shape plug. The size of WPU61 is also super compact so you can easily take it with you on the go. As a product line that helps to power the device, the WK WPU61 charger is not focused much on the design but is focused on developing quality. The charger has a rectangular shape with softly curved edges. Especially on the charger body with the WK logo on and the charger information very clear to help you easily check the quality.