USB C Meter, USB Type-C LCD Display Digital Multimeter Charging Monitor Test N2

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USB C meter measuring voltage range is DC 3.3V-30.0V, measuring current range is 0.00-5.10A, capacity range is 0-99999mAh, electric energy range is 0-999999mWh, power range is 000.00-150.00W, resistance measuring range is 1-999.9Ohm, temperature range is 0-80 Celsius .
Multifuctional Meter Tester: it can be applied to test type-C devices, such as OnePlus, HuaWei P9/ P9 plus, Samsung Galaxy S8 etc; test the max output current of USB charger; test capacity and electric energy of mobile power bank; test charging speed and quality of data cable and charging cable; compatible with QC 2.0/3.0, BC 1.2, support Android phones.
High Resolution: the USB type-C detector provides high resolution, volt resolution is 0.01V, amp resolution is 0.01A, capacity resolution is 0.001Ah, electric energy resolution is 0.001Wh, power resolution is 0.01W, resistance resolution is 0.1Ohm, timing resolution is 1s.
4 LCD Display Interface: it offers 4 LCD display interface for real-time display volt, amp, capacity, energy, power, time, tmeperature etc, press the key can switch the display interface; hold press the key can clear the date, then you can reset the data.
Safety Guard: our usb-c multimeter built in protective electronic switch elements for detecting safety, it will cut off output automatically and alarm by sound to protect the appliance from damaging; it will save data when power off suddenly.
Temperature Resolution: 1 Celsius
Timing Time: 999hours 59min 59s
USB D+ Voltage Range: 0-2.999V
USB D+ Voltage Resolution: 0.001V
USB D- Voltage Range: 0-2.999V
USB D- Voltage Resolution: 0.001V
Phone Charge Completed Reminder Threshold: Less than 2W/0.5h
Measuring Rate: about 0.5time/s
Self Current Consumption: Less than 0.02A
Working Temperature: -10 ~ +60 Celsius
Working Humidity: 10 ~ 80