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Smart manipulator switch

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Introducing the Smart Manipulator Switch - the ultimate solution for controlling your valves with ease and convenience! With its advanced WIFI Tuya communication technology, this switch allows you to remotely control your valves from anywhere, anytime using your smartphone or tablet.

Equipped with a powerful 12V/1A power supply voltage, this switch ensures reliable and stable performance. Its wireless distance of up to 30m (outdoor) provides you with the flexibility to control your valves from a distance.

Designed to offer versatility, the Smart Manipulator Switch comes with valve specifications of 4 points, 6 points, 1 inch, and 1.25 inches, making it compatible with a wide range of valves. Its automatic valve closing and opening time of 5~10 seconds ensures that your valves are always secure, while the torque of ensures that the switch operates smoothly and efficiently.

Upgrade your valve control system with the Smart Manipulator Switch and enjoy the convenience of remote control at your fingertips. Order yours today and experience the ultimate in valve control technology!