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Machine Test Lightning

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Machine Test Lightning
  • Compact yet practical, this slim and lightweight Cable Tester is exclusively designed for distinguishing between original and copycat lightning data charging cable, lightning headset and lightning adapter via identifying the chip inside it.
  • Comparing to some fellow testers, the chip ID code reader with voice prompt for testing result is so simple in operation that just plug the cable into the lightning port directly, then the IPS high-definition display will explicitly show you testing details, such as chip ID, VID, PID, ASN, MSN, Cable Maker, Cable Date, Score, etc, and work out chip identification-MFI certified Original, Copycat.
  • Built-in high-capacity battery,
  • this tester allows work without connecting the power cable and standby a long time.


  • Test the cable without any connection to charger, or it will influence the testing results.
  • The quality of tested cable will influence the testing results.
  • The item can be updated online.
  • Net Weight: 99g
  • Product Size: 113*61*13mm
  • Gross Weight: 136g
  • Packing Size: 130*83*20mm.