i542 iPhone 6 ElementCase Solace LUXE, USA Brand

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From day into night, the Solace is ready to go places. Setting a new standard for lightweight metal hybrid cases, the Solace is


  • New polished aluminum crowns
  • Lightweight, CNC machined aluminum crowns hand polished to a Satin finish
  • Mil-Spec anodized
  • High impact Polycarbonate chassis
  • Slim ergonomic design CNC aluminum buttons
  • Quick installation
  • Designed in California
  • Size 166.5mm X 85.8mm X 10.5mm (iPhone 6 Plus/S)
  • Weight 57g (iPhone 6 Plus / S)
  • Size 142.7mm X 71.1mm X 9.4mm (iPhone 6)
  • Weight 31g (iPhone 6)