i1024 Bluetooth Speaker with Alarm Clock and Radio

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Product Name: Bluetooth Speaker with Alarm Clock and Radio

- One-piece design: it's more than just a digital alarm clock! Play wireless --audio from a Bluetooth device; audio input interface, almost any audio device in sleep; dual USB port to connect to your mobile phone or other mobile device to charge; wake up or sleep FM radio; and it is convenient for you to watch videos and fix your smartphone charging.
- Dual Speaker Stereo: Enjoy room-filling music The X 6 wide rich stereo recognizes through the dual high performance drivers as well as the unique enhanced bass.
- Multi-functional bracket: You can fix the mobile phone and watch stereo music while watching movies.
- Wake and sleep bands: A Digitally tuned FM radio, Wake Up to the radio (or buzzer alarm music) 15 ~ 60 minutes sleep timer, making it easy to fall asleep.
- Ringing options and gradually waking up the alarm: Snooze, can afford a few minutes of sleep. Start with a subtle, small size, gradually increase, and gently wake you up at a higher volume.

- Model: B1
- Color: black, girl powder, beige, light blue, light green
- Product bare metal size: about 120*120*72MM/4.72*4.72*2.83IN
- Bluetooth version: 5.0
- Output power: 5W*2
- Lithium battery capacity: 1500 mAh
- Speaker power supply: 3.7V
- Connection method: wireless Bluetooth AUX audio cable
- Support: TF card / U disk (MAX32G supports MP3/WAV format)
- Transmission distance: about 10 meters
- Single weight: about 510G

This product can not be soaked, it is easy to cause damage to the product, affecting the use; please put a prominent position in the home, let you fall in love with it;

- 1*Bluetooth speaker
- 1*USB charging cable
- 1* audio cable
- 1* bracket
- 1* instruction manual