F038 SNAILS RICE NOODLE 280g (Serve)

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F039 Snail Rice Noodle 350g with Snail (Serve)

Product name: River snail rice noodle
- Type: Convenient food
- NW: 280g
- Ingredient: Rice noodle,Soup,Peanut,Bean curd stick,Sour bamboo shoots,Side dishes,Chili oil,Vinegar
- Shelf life: 180days
- Storage: Put in cool and dry place or refrigerator
- Edible method

  1. Take out the rice noodle from the boiling water and cool with the cold water.
  2. Cook the rice noodle and soup together in 400ml boiling water for 1min
  3. Add other seasoning packs and vegetables according to personal taste.
  4. Stir and ready to serve