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Designed with several features that are both convenient and functional. 

It features a magnetic DC connector, which easily unplugs when excessive strain is applied to the cable. 

This feature also helps guide the cable quickly into its port and limits the wear and stress that other adapters face. 

An LED indicator on top of the adapter cable illuminates orange when the battery is charging and turns green when the charge is complete. 

The AC power cord that attaches to the MagSafe Power Adapter increases your mobility while the laptop is connected to the charger, 

and Apple's clever cable storage design makes it an ideal travel partner.


• 45W MagSafe Power Adapter is designed specifically for the Apple MacBook Air 

• Magnetic DC connector increases durability and aides in adapter connection 
• LED indicator illuminates orange during charge and turns green when battery is full 
• Cable storage system allows the DC cable to be wound tightly around itself, making the adapter more portable and easier to stow away


Works on 2008 - Mid 2011 Macbook Air's. Model numbers: MB003LL/A, MB543LL/A, MB940LL/A, MC233LL/A, MC234LL/A, 
MC505LL/A, MC506LL/A, MC503LL/A, MC504LL/A, MC968LL/A, MC969LL/A, MC965LL/A, MC966LL/A. 


Will not work on other models.