i949 ISmart EP004 Mosquito Killer

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i949 EP004 Mosquito Killer

-ម៉ាសុីនចាប់មូសដោយស្វ័យប្រវត្តិ ទាក់ទាញមូសដោយអំពូល UV។
-គ្មានជាតិគីមី គ្មានផ្សែង គ្មានក្លិន ឬ ជាតិពុលឡើយ។
- អាចធ្វើជាឧករណ៍តាំងលំអរ។
Product description:
LED Fly Killer Lamp, Electronic Mosquito Killer Lamp UV Insect Bug Trap, No Radiation Nontoxic Non-chemical Bug Zappers for Infants, Children, Pregnant
- The insect control trap uses biomimetics, attracting mosquitoes by specific UV and similar temperature of human beings, once they fly into the trap, they won't get out of it because of the container's design and air flow. So it will be safer for family with children and pets, pesticide, chemical and odor free.

High Efficiency to Kill Mosquito
- mosquito killer doesn't work well in the daytime because it works with UV light, the bugs are sensitive to the light in the dark place. You can place it in the corner, clean the container once a week, you will directly see how many mosquitoes it kills.

Convenient Design
- This electronic insect won't be effective immediately to the mosquitoes, the mosquitoes need time to adapt it and relax their vigilance. The limits of validity is 50 square meter, and note that there should be no obstacles around it, to avoid covering the light. It powered by low voltage (5V 1A) , safe for use and no electricity risk.
killer usb for indoor


- Size: 12.5cm * 12.5cm * 13.5cm

- Power supply: USB Charging

- Light type: UV light

Fly killer trap for room

Package includes:

- 1* Mosquito trap killer

- 1* 150cm USB cable

- 1* User Manual

Indoor fly killer trap lamp

*Notice: This LED mosquito trap is attracting mosquitoes by specific UV and similar temperature of human beings, it may take Few Days for mosquitoes to be adaptable and attracted. Please place it indoor for few days, then remember to clear the mosquito body.