A concept for team spirit!

Find the reason and solution before failed; Stop complain and blaming, When game over!

most of team doing not very well, because most them doesn't understand about team spirits.

when you work alone, everything is 100% from you own idea, own hand and time to do made it done.... 

but, sometime you feel very tired. and try to find a team to work together, to share experience, job, time and make more business more money.

when started, you always failed because of the team not strong enough, you even more tired with more people in teamwork.

"the most happened issue is complaining; blaming; didn't find reason in the right time & coming the solution too late!" the end everybody working with sensitive fearer because blamed; thinking the right thing at the wrong time; doing the right job on the wrong ways...

The end, even how hard working they are, but they still doing the wrong thing perfectly!!!

So, now try to create some rule to keep your job work on the right ways, and find your own team whose can work with a rules of your team spirits.

Build your strong team today, to build your dream their dream became true, and you even more success!


Best Advice!

Fidodio Yeam - Founder of www.i-s-mart.com

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